The Washington Chamber of Commerce in Washington, Illinois is the motivating force in coordinating, leading and promoting existing and future business development, economic diversity, and tourism. The Chamber strives to enhance the quality of life through programs, services, community development, recognition and pride.

Chamber Objective

The Washington Chamber is committed to advancing the commercial, industrial, agricultural, educational, civic, and community interests of the residents and businesses in the city of Washington and the surrounding areas.

What is a Chamber?

A chamber of commerce is a voluntary business network whose goal is to improve business in the area the chamber represents. Membership of a chamber is voluntary and usually consists of business owners that are committed to helping develop the area. A chamber is financed by the investment of its members by dues and sponsorships. Many chambers also serve as an economic development council for their region.

What is Economic Development?

Economic development refers to the effort of a community and its policy makers to promote the economic vitality of a specific area. This effort includes the development of human capital, infrastructure, competitiveness, sustainability, health, safety and literacy.

Who makes up the Washington Chamber of Commerce?

The Washington Chamber of Commerce consists of the chamber membership, an executive board, a board of directors, chamber ambassadors, committee workers, an executive director and an office staff.