2018 Good Neighbor Nomination Form

2017 Good Neighbor Winner

Tom Horning 


 Tom Horning is a resident of Sunnydale Estates and has served as president of the neighborhood association for 4 years. Tom knows everyone in the neighborhood and goes out of his way to help everyone. Tom is the first one neighbors call when in need and he will not accept payment for his good deeds. He is the neighborhood celebrity, handyman, lawn caregiver, locksmith, and medical assistance provider. Tom is a great example of a good neighbor by donating his time, skill, and energy to helping his fellow neighbors.

Congratulations Tom Horning

Nominated by Heidi Evans, Virginia Absher, Vickie Maybanks, Nancy Wright, Ruth Heilman, and Dorothy Schertz



The Good Neighbor Award recognizes a person or couple who resides in Washington and is a shining example of a “good neighbor” by devoting their time, skills and energies to helping their fellow residents.

For more information about Good Neighbor Award nominations, please call the Chamber office at (309) 444-9921.