Tiered Membership Packages


After careful consideration by your Washington Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Ambassadors and staff, your Chamber is changing the way members will invest. Like many chambers are doing, we will be moving to a tiered dues system, which will provide benefits based on the investment level a partner selects.

In the past, our members have joined and paid membership dues based on the number of employees in their organizations. Your Chamber’s new “tiered” system will provide increased benefits plus additional benefits.


You are probably wondering why we would make such a drastic change to our revenue stream? The answer – it guarantees choice and investment when choosing a membership package that is important to your business and fits your business goals as well as adhering to your Chamber’s mission of providing valuable benefits and services to our members. With the current “fair share” model of benefits, we are punishing you for growing; as your business grows and you hire new employees, your benefits are not changing, but the price you are paying increases. The requests of our members are also not necessarily based on the size of the business or the number of employees. A “one size fits all” benefits package was not working. Our solution was to develop different levels of benefits and match them to a dues investment.

Increasing Benefits.

Your Chamber began carefully considering a different membership structure in 2013. We began researching other chambers that had made the switch. Our board and staff studied the effects the change would have on our business community, organization and membership. We have scrutinized, evaluated and measured our chamber benefits. Some remained or were changed, some were created and others removed altogether.

  • Our partners will still be listed on our website in up to three different categories, but we have added pictures and descriptions to those at our two star to five star levels.
  • We will still offer reduced costs and sometimes free events and programs with your membership.
  • We are adding co-op advertising opportunities to our levels that are two-star and above.
  • Customized benefits depending on your investment level.

In Transition.

We recognize adopting the tiered benefits system is a significant change for Chamber members. The transition will be paced and will allow plenty of time for adjustment. Members will be placed into the category closest to their current membership dues at time of renewal for 2016 dues. Chamber staff will meet personally with members over the next 12-24 months to discuss the added benefits and opportunities. The staff and Board of Directors are committed to continuing the process of regularly reviewing member benefits, and we welcome your feedback. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a meeting to review how this change can increase your investment with the chamber, please contact us at 309.444.9921 or through the e-mails provided below. Our new membership package is available for you to view on www.washingtonilcoc.com/memberbenefits, or will be e-mailed out to our full membership the week of November 2, 2015.

We are excited to take this next step with you and are committed to providing valuable benefits and services to our members.

Chevie Ruder

Candy Liggin
Communications Manager

Gail Nettles
Finance Manager