Disability – Paratransit Service

Service Begins in Washington on August 1, 2022

Map shows what current transit services are available to the City of Washington and the broader Washington Township area residents now, as well as the new paratransit service beginning August 1, 2022. Save this map as it has all the phone numbers you need to access all the transit services on our area.
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Washington Township, the City of Washington, Tri County Regional Planning and CityLift have teamed up to provide a new paratransit transportation service beginning August 1, 2022 for Washington urban residents with mobility challenged disabilities. The new service provided by the Greater Peoria Transit Authority’s CityLift Division, will transport disabled individuals, age 18-59, to points within Washington as well as points in East Peoria and Peoria for a very low-cost rider fee. Paratransit service for individuals aged 60 plus is already provided by Central Illinois Agency on Aging in the Washington Urban area. Agency on Aging can be reached at Ph. 309-674-2017

The new six-month paratransit ‘trial project’ for ages 18-59 will be used to assess the need for on-going paratransit service in this area. Robust ridership during this period will reflect positively on continuing the transit service, so please use it!

The age 18-59 paratransit service requires prospective riders to fill out and submit the enclosed rider application to Washington Township to be eligible for the service. Washington Township is located directly behind Hardee’s at 58 Valley Forge Drive in Washington. The form is easy to fill out and can be mailed, emailed, or returned in person. If you need help, call the Township at Ph. 309-444-2987 for assistance. Please submit this form as soon as possible to get qualified to ride.
Please Note: The application requires a medical professional sign off to be valid.

Contact Washington Township directly at Ph. 309-444-2987

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