Ride Service for 65+ Seniors

New $3.00 (each way) Ride Service for 65+ Seniors in Washington Township and the City of Washington

When Washington Township approached the City of Washington about what issues the township
might be able to help with, the city answer was immediate… Senior Transportation!

Washington Township did the research and found that the biggest needs for seniors who do not, or cannot drive anymore is getting to critical services such as medical, dental, therapy and eyecare, in both Washington and out of town service points.

To help seniors get to 61571 area service needs, Washington Township is sponsoring a door to door, Mobile Senior 65+ $3.00 (each way) Ride Service. No matter where you live in zip code 61571, (which is Washington Township – a 54 square mile area), are age 65 or older and are mobile, meaning able to get in and out of a full size car type vehicle by yourself or with little assistance, the Washington/Morton Taxi Service will take you anywhere you need to go within 61571.

The service runs from 8am to 6pm, Monday through Friday and is available by calling
Morton/Washington Taxi directly at Ph. 309-266-7433. It is best to call 24 hours in advance to assure proper scheduling and minimal wait time. At the end of your 61571 appointment you would call Morton/Washington Taxi back and they will pick you up, taking you home or to your next stop.

If you are handicapped, or mobile and need to be transported to services either inside or outside of Washington there are also three existing transit services available for that as well. Choosing the correct transit company depends on where you live in the township, where you are going and other factors.

Finding the correct transit provider can be complicated so Washington Township created a
downloadable brochure that explains which transit service to call based on your need and location. The brochure has information about the local 65+ Ride Service, plus a township map that shows which alternative transit service to call first. Phone numbers for all transit services are also listed.

The downloadable brochure can be found on the Washington Township website which is
www.toi.org/township/tazewell-county-washington/ . These brochures are also now available at all medical, dental, eyecare and physical therapy service providers in 61571. They are also available at the Washington Chamber of Commerce, Washington City Hall, Washington Park District and the Washington Township office.

If you have any additional questions about these services or any other Washington Township services, please contact us directly. The Township office is located at 58 Valley Forge Drive, directly behind Hardee’s and KFC. We can be contacted through the website listed above, via email at washingtontwp@gmail.com or through our main phone number at 309-444-2987.

Submitted by: Jim Bremner, Washington Township Supervisor, Tazewell County
Personal Cell Phone 309-256-7368 email: jimbremner.washingtontwp@gmail.com