Washingtonian Award

Washingtonian Award Nomination

Nominate a local resident for their service to the Washington Community. They should be an individual with a history of unselfish service and commitment to the community. ALL Information is required for nomination to be considered.

1. Only contributions to the welfare of the community outside of their business profession will be considered when choosing a winner.
2. The recipient of the award must have established residency in the 61571 zip code for at least five (5) years, but need not presently live in the 61571 zip code.
3. Recipients are only eligible to receive the award one time.
4. Nominations will be kept on file for three (3) years.

ENTRY DEADLINE IS March 17, 2024

Washingtonian Award Nomination Form

  • Please include specific examples of what they do/have done to contribute to Washington. Generalizations such as “He’s a good man” or “She’s done so many things for the town” are not helpful in the selection process. Please use the space below, the back of this form, or another paper, to tell why your nominee should be awarded the Washingtonian Award.